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Specialist Decking Installations Across Yorkshire

Roof Terrace & Balcony

Garden & Landscape

Holiday Homes

Porcelain paving

With modern deking materials we have options to install porcelain tiles on an aluminium decking frame. Perfect for roof terraces, balcony’s and rooftop gardens, Landscapes, residential and commercial spaces. Composite decking can be installed alongside the porcelain tiles to create a unique outdoor space. Available in 3 styles Contemporary, Stone and Wood finish with many choices of colour for each style.

25 Year Manufactures Warranty

All of our composite decking materials have a long life span. With an amazing 25 year manufactures guarantee on all Aluminium Subframes a long with the Luxura™ Woodgrain Composite decking range and 15 years on the Eco™ decking boards.


What we do

Roof Terrace & Balcony

Roof terrace, balcony and roof top garden flooring solutions. Options for porcelain paving or composite decking on an aluminium frame with an a2 fire rating.

Garden & Landscape

Specialist decking and paving solutions for your garden or landscape to create a fresh outdoor space to enjoy.


Installations across Yorkshire and the UK

Holiday Homes

We travel the UK to holiday homes installing composite decking or porcelain paving for a maintenance free addition or to replace that old timber decking.


We supply quality composite decking, porcelain paving and aluminium substructures. Please contact us for a bespoke design.


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TERRA Decking Installations utilise specially designed aluminium and stainless steel materials.

Fitted with your choice of high quality composite decking or porcelain paving

Looking for a Modern Decking ?

Built to last

Installed on an aluminium frame with stainless steel fixings our installations are far superior to deckings built on timber.

Corrosion resistant materials are especially beneficial to deckings installed around swimming pools, hot tubs and coastal locations.

Fire rated materials can be installed for deckings and paving structures making a perfect solution for use close to your home, rooftop garden, roof terrace or balcony and commercial or public places.